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Contacting the Board:
To contact the 4CUG board you can send email to:

The information below is provided by CCCNext, which you can use to manage your membership in the 4CUG listservs and all other CCCNext listservs.   

To manage your membership to any CCCNext lists, log into LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET.  If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to Register a Password.  Your email address is your account login.   Once you have created a password, you can log in and view or change your subscription settings at:  MANAGE CCCNEXT SUBSCRIPTIONS

There are two lists managed for 4CUG, just follow the instructions to subscribe or unsubscribe.   

  • The GENERAL 4CUG listserv
  • The STATE REPORTING 4CUGMIS listserv.  



Ellucian Home

Ellucian Customer Center   The Customer Center requires a login.  Click Sign Up to create an account. 

Your Customer Center login also gives you access to the Ellucian Community.   Be sure to follow the “California Community Colleges User Group” forum!